Welcome, wanderer, to the realm of my portfolio, 
Where artistry blossoms and dreams find their glow. 
I am a multidisciplinary designer, adept and free,
 Crafting web experiences, graphics, and engineering with glee.
For a decade and more, I've roamed diverse industries' domains,
Creating motion graphics, and weaving tales that entertain.
But lately, my spirit has been captivated, enthralled,
By the enchanting world of 3D modelling,
where wonders are called.

From the shores of Mauritius, I embarked on a flight,
To London's embrace, a land of new light.
At twenty, brave and bold, I ventured alone,
Leaving the familiar, into the unknown.
Some may deem it madness, this leap I took,
But I live by the creed: risk it all or forgo the hook.

To tread the path of dreams, uncertainty must be faced,
For growth lies within challenges bravely embraced.
With every endeavour, regardless of the prize,
Resilience and confidence bloom, reaching new skies.
And armed with these virtues, I'm unafraid to dare,
To seize more chances, fulfilling aspirations is rare.
Frederick B. Wilcox's wisdom echoes true and clear,
"Progress demands risks, leave behind what's held dear."
To steal second base, one must bid the first adieu, 
And embrace the unknown, as dreams come into view.

So, wanderer, embrace the risks that unfold, 
Let your spirit soar, in adventures untold.

In this poetic realm, progress finds its rhyme,
Where creativity dances, marking the passage of time.
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